First Watch Data Breach Response Services

Data breach notification can present various layers of complexity for you and your client's organization. You have to ensure affected individuals receive critical information about the data breach event, and you also must notify within the applicable laws and regulations.

First Watch Data Breach Response Services – compliant notifications, same–day full – service mailing, call center services, and Identity Theft Protection services – let us do the heavy lifting for you and your client's organization.

All Inclusive or a la Carte | Insured or Uninsured

Email & Print Notifications
First Watch notification services bundle data collection, reporting, mailing, and translation services. Further, we include:

  • Responsive mail room which inserts, addresses, and mails within 24–72 hours¹
  • Secure FTP site for transferring data and sensitive documents
  • Name and address de–duping
  • USPS First Class presort postage
  • Return mail processing and image–reporting
  • Searchable reports for all letters sent with activation codes
  • Notifications can also be sent by email
  • NCOA

U.S. Based Call Center Services, FAQ, and ID Enrollment
Our highly knowledgeable call center representatives can make a positive impact during a crisis.

Breach notification calls are answered by our experienced U.S. based CSR team. We provide:

  • A dedicated toll–free number for inbound calls that is unique to each client's incident
  • Bi–lingual² CSRs who are ready to receive inbound calls within 24–72 hours of receipt of FAQ documentation
  • Established procedure for call escalation
  • Weekly reporting for total inbound calls and identity theft enrollments
  • An active period based on the needs of your client– 30, 60, 90 days or longer

Identity Theft Protection Services
First Watch helps protect the identity of individuals compromised in a data breach. Depending on your clients' needs, we offer a choice:

  • First Watch ID: Our proprietary identity monitoring and identity risk scoring solution (most cost–effective)
  • Credit Monitoring through TransUnion® with select First Watch ID features; or
  • Credit Monitoring through TransUnion®
  • ID Restoration: No sign–up required
  • Reporting

¹Breaches under 1.2M will mail within 24–72 hours after receipt of final proof approval. For larger and more complex breaches, First Watch will work with your client and legal counsel to satisfy the necessary notification timeline requirements.

²English and Spanish. Other language and translation services available.

You can rely on the breadth of our knowledge and the depth of our expertise.

First Watch has been on the front lines of data breach response since 2007. We can help you manage your response in a way that complies with regulatory requirements and protects your reputation.

With more than 20 years of breach notification experience First Watch can help ensure your response is managed in a way that complies with regulatory expectations and protects your reputation. We have delivered notification, call center services, and ID Theft Protection services to millions of people, and our team routinely manages the most pressing emergencies with unrivaled speed, efficiency, and effectiveness.

Don't let cost compromise a compliant response.

Data Breach Response costs are on the rise. With First Watch, our competitive pricing fits any budget.

We offer the same level of service to both insured and uninsured, with a streamlined, flexible plan that saves the affected company and the carrier money.

Contact us for competitive pricing.

Speed of Response is Critical.

Speed of response and analysis is critical, not only is your client bound by state and federal regulations, but consumers want to see facts about the breach, information about the risks they may face, and steps they can take to protect themselves.

You will be assigned a dedicated service team who is available 24x7.

We deliver same–day response for incidents up to 5,000. Ask us for details.

Support for Data Breaches both Small and Large: from 10 people to multi-millions.

First Watch is different in that we offer comprehensive solutions for businesses and organizations—both small and large.

Any type of breach that fits any budget.

We'll help you track and manage breach communications, provide timely updates and back it all up with serious metrics. From key stakeholders to shareholders to regulators, get ahead of the issues early and transparently.

We can respond to any type of breach that fits any budget.

We design solutions to meet your client's specific requirements, including:

  • Budget size
  • Breach size
  • Complexity of breach
  • Insured / Uninsured
  • Data size
  • Time constraints