First Watch ID vs. Credit Monitoring

Business Features First Watch ID Credit Monitoring
No Prepaid Activation Codes (for Data Breaches)
Does Not Require SSN or Date of Birth
Both Phone and Online Consumer Enrollment (for Data Breaches)
Can Offer "Blanket Coverage" (for Data Breaches)
Flat Rate Family Plans
Sells Consumer Information i
Accurate i
Limits False Alerts

Product Features First Watch ID Credit Monitoring
Built for ID Theft Protection i
Built to Help Make Credit Decisions i
Proactive Identity Theft Prevention – Identity Monitoring
Identity Theft Risk Scores
Child Monitoring
Proactive Suspicious Activity Phone Alerts
Addresses Synthetic Identity Theft ✔ (limited)
Addresses Identity Assumption ✔ (limited)
Addresses Medical, Employment and False Arrest Frauds
Addresses Financial Identity Theft
Identity Theft Insurance Exp. Reimbursement - Discovery Based
Identity Restoration - Discovery Based - Fully Managed

Value Added Services First Watch ID Credit Monitoring
Lost Wallet / Purse Protection
Reduced Pre-Approved Credit Card Offers  
Electronic Newsletter
Social Security Statement Access
Free Credit Report Access and Reminder