First Watch allows your company to choose the type of identity theft protection for your customers that best suit your needs and budget. Download the First Watch Identity Theft brochure for more information.

First Watch ID's Proactive ID Theft Protection

We use our own proprietary technology -- Identity Risk Scoring and Identity Monitoring -- to search thousands of databases and billions of records looking for the beginning steps of identity theft. If we identify suspicious activity, we place a proactive personal phone call to the individual to determine if the suspicious activity is potentially fraudulent. If the information is potentially fraudulent, we advise the individual on what steps to take. If not, we update the individual's file.

All of our First Watch ID plans include the core features listed below. First Watch ID add-on features provide flexibility and the selections many organizations need to customize protection for their customers.

Included Core Features:

Available Add-on Features:

Credit Monitoring Service:

Credit monitoring is offered as a stand-alone service or can be customized with selected First Watch ID plan features. First Watch offers several credit service options provided through TransUnion:

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