PEO Resource Plan

There are three key parts for prudent best practices or legal requirements when developing your data security privacy strategy: Technology, Policies & Procedures, and Employee Training. The tools provided in our PEO Resource Plan will help support your current data security efforts.

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The PEO Resource Plan tools include:

Data Breach Security Employee Training: our videos, phishing simulation tests and monthly newsletters help your internal employees (does not include worksite employees) learn to make smart decisions when handling legally protected data.

Risk Assessments: it's critical for any business to understand risks associated with personal information, trade secrets, and more. Our online Organizational and Operational Risk Assessments help you understand those risks. We focus on business practices, policies and safeguards.

Online Sample Policies and Procedures: developed by our Jackson Lewis legal team, we provide key policies that help keep your personal data private and secure as required by a growing body of law. Also included are checklists and other resources to help track and document your compliance efforts.

State Legislative Resource Center: laws in 48 states affect businesses and their access to personal information. You need to be compliant to those laws in any states where you conduct business. Our PEO Plan provides centralized, easy online access to state legislation along with FAQs for each state.

WISP- Written Information Security Program: a WISP is intended as a set of comprehensive guidelines and policies designed to safeguard all sensitive data maintained by you and to comply with applicable laws. You receive WISP at a significantly discounted cost, subsidized by First Watch.

Legal Consultation: includes five to ten hours of personalized WISP consultative services. And, we cover the cost of up to one hour of consultation on the topics of Executive Briefing and A Roadmap to Compliance. Also included is pre-breach legal access to our Data Security Attorney Hotline.

Webinar: Jackson Lewis and First Watch will deliver a 45-minute webinar covering key data security compliance and risk management issues with ample time for questions and answers.

Breach Tabletop Exercises: internal breach simulations are critical to being prepared for the urgency of breach response mandates. You can conduct the simulation yourself or it can be guided at your location by Joe Lazzarotti, Esq., CIPP, Chair of Jackson Lewis' Data Privacy and Security Practice Group, at a preferred price subsidized by First Watch for five to ten hours.

Data Breach Reaction Guide: in the event of a data breach, First Watch provides resources to help you respond promptly and compliantly. Your plan includes a data breach reaction guide that shows the steps to orderly data breach response. Topics include insurance, involving company leadership, law enforcement, setting up a call center and more.

Data Breach Reaction Plan: if you suffer a data breach, you need to react effectively and compliantly. You get preferred pricing with all crisis management services typically associated with a data breach security event.

Additional Resources: Jackson Lewis data breach blog, white papers, and articles and commentary.