Locate People

First Watch has the tools to find people.

Locate People Companies and organizations often find that it is prudent business practice and often a legal requirement to find people that they have lost contact with.

Typically companies use the National Change of Address (NCOA) to assist in their research when they cannot find employees or individuals they need to contact because of state or federal laws.

Some companies find addresses. First Watch finds people. Using our multiple data aggregators, secure cloud-based technology platform, data analytics and social engineering expertise, First Watch produces real-time data that provides actionable information to help your organization comply with state and federal laws.

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Examples of How the Locate People Service is Used.

If your company has a data breach and only uses NCOA, you likely will have undeliverable letters returned. Among other things, several states take the position that valid notification requires that the notice is "consistent with measures necessary to determine sufficient contact information." To address these laws, and potentially minimize the need for media notification, First Watch can go beyond just using NCOA.

Lawyers often need assistance locating individuals or heirs for the release and distribution of unclaimed property. Additionally, they need assistance to find heirs of a deceased relative when filing probate.

Many companies who have lost contact with people may need to find the individual or heir who may be entitled to receive benefits associated with the following: