Reg 500 Plan

For companies with 49 or less employees and 1 to 3 locations

The New York State Department of Financial Services (DFS) has issued cybersecurity regulations that require minimum standards for protecting the customer information and information systems of the financial services industry. First Watch has assembled some critical tools and resources to help you achieve Reg 500 compliance. In addition, your plan includes data breach risk mitigation. Therefore we back our plan with a benefit of up to $100,000 (after first $1,000)* in data security event expenses.

Download the First Watch Reg 500 Plan brochure for more information.

Core Benefits Reg 500 Plan
Regulation 500 Compliance Tools
Policy Wizard
Compliance Checklist & Due Dates
Legal Consult
Email Reminders
Breach Prevention and Compliance Tools (with periodic updates)
Organizational Data Breach Online Risk Assessment
Operational Data Breach Online Risk Assessment
Breach Tabletop Exercises
Data Breach Articles and Commentary
Sample Policies and Procedures
HIPAA Pre-breach Resources
State Legislative Resources
Complete Data Breach Security Employee Training Plan
Ten Training Videos (with online quizzes)
Phishing Intrusion Simulation Testing
Monthly Data Security Educational Newsletter
Written Information Security Program
Comprehensive Guidelines to Safeguard Data
Data Breach Reaction Services (see Risk Protection)
Legal Consultation (Data Breach)
Forensic Investigation
Notification Letters - Print and Email
Call Center Assistance
Identity Protection
Public Relations
Data Breach Reaction Guide
Data Breach Reaction Plan
Data Breach Reaction Plan Development - Attorney (available at preferred pricing)
Data Breach Attorney Hotline (available at preferred pricing)
Risk Protection $100,000 (after first $1,000) Security Event Limit PII, PCI, and HIPAA Data Security Event Benefit*
Legal Consultation Expenses
Forensic Audit Costs
Notification Costs
Call Center Assistance Costs
ID Theft Restoration, Monitoring, Victim Reimbursement Costs
Public Relations
Governmental Fines & Penalties
Card Association Monetary Assessments
Cyber Liability Insurance Referral
Cyber Liability Insurance Referral
Employee Screening
Criminal Audit 2 per Business
Pre-breach Legal Access
Data Security Attorney Hotline

* First Watch Risk Protection benefits are backed by an insurance policy issued by a member company of American International Group, Inc (AIG) to First Watch Technologies, Inc. Purchasers of the Reg 500 Plan receive this benefit from First Watch and are not insureds under the insurance policy. The description herein is a summary and intended for informational purposes only and does not include all terms, conditions and exclusions of the benefits described. Please refer to the Summary of Benefits for details.