Data Breach Security Employee Training Plan

Experts Know Data Security is Often a Legal Requirement and Always a Prudent Business Practice.

Computer Lab Fact: Employee error is the leading cause of data breaches.
Because two-thirds of data breaches result from employees, your first line of defense against the devastating costs of a data breach is employee training.

We created our Data Breach Security Employee Training Plan to help employees learn to make smart decisions when handling legally protected data. Depending upon your type of business, the law may require employee data security training.

To learn more, download our Data Security Training brochure and Privacy Training White Paper.

No business owner can watch every employee, every moment of every day. And since not all employees have the same talent and dedication, the security of any business truly rests in the hands of its weakest employee.

The good news is that data can be protected, but it’s vital that all employees receive the proper training to do so. Our three-part plan includes:

  • Data Breach Security Training Videos
  • Phishing Intrusion Simulation Testing
  • Monthly Continuing Education Newsletter

Focused on Your Business

People hear “training” and think they’re going to spend countless hours away from running their business listening to complex and boring information that employees will find hard to grasp. That’s what separates our training apart. Our series is “laser focused” with your employees in mind. We provide specific and targeted information in an engaging and efficient format that will appeal to everyone in your organization from your front line employee to your mail room worker.

Legal Compliance

Depending on your type of business, training may be required by law to protect certain information. But even if not expressly required by a statute, it is likely data security training would be considered a reasonable safeguard for businesses required to protect certain data. Many businesses are increasingly required by contract to conduct training to protect information entrusted to them.